Regular updates on current projects and events.


Instagram Questions Answered
Posted on: 20-07-2014
Thank you for all the feedback and questions I have been getting on my Instagram account. I now have over 146k followers and so I get asked a lot of questions. Unfortunately I can’t answer everyone directly so I thought I’d post some information here. For everyone asking about calligraphy tools and equipment you might like to read my short article ‘Getting Started in Calligraphy’. For everyone asking me “How did you get started in Calligraphy?” I have written about it here. If you like my short calligraphy clips on Instagram then please check out some short films featuring my work on Vimeo and YouTube. And finally I am not taking requests to write out peoples names at the moment, but I might do that in the future.

Instagram Feature
Posted on: 30-06-2014
A sincere thank you to Instagram for featuring my work on their excellent blog and across all of their social media over the weekend. I feel it is amazing publicity not just for myself but for the art of calligraphy and all letterform related disciplines. The numbers involved are hard to fathom. To give one example Instagram put one of my calligraphy clips on their Instagram account, which has 56 million followers. Within two minutes the clip had over 10,000 likes. As of today it has around 450,000 likes and over 10,000 comments. My Instagram account now has 88,000 followers and growing. I would be hard pressed to think of better publicity for my work. I have obviously been very lucky but then luck is often commensurate with hard work. So thank you again Instagram and thank you to followers old and new for taking an interest in my work. I have big, exciting plans for my art and design which I look forward to telling you about in due course.

Cloths of Heaven - A new limited edition print & embroidered artwork
Posted on: 19-04-2014
I am pleased to announce I have a new print out today. It is available now here and you can see a short edit I produced here. 'Cloths of Heaven' is my interpretation of 'Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven', a poem by the renowned Irish poet W. B. Yeats. It is a continuation of my exploration of the theme of beauty in the context of letterform design. I have also worked with The London Embroidery Studio to produce an embroidered piece, available as a small limited edition.

New colourway of 'Stars' limited edition print
Posted on: 23-01-2014
Due to popular demand I am doing a new colourway of 'Stars', one of my most popular prints to date. Metallic gold ink on black Plike, 330gsm. It is being printed as we speak and will be available directly from my shop and via the usual galleries within the next month. The best way to be one of the first to know it is available is to sign up to my very occasional mailing list. To do so just drop me a message with 'Mailing list' in the title.

Please & Thank You - New limited edition print
Posted on: 03-09-2013
'Please & Thank You' is a new print based on one of the most popular and rude pieces of calligraphy I have ever put online. A playful exploration of the relationship between 'the message' and the 'visual expression of the message'. The idea was to try to make the piece as beautiful as it was rude. I tried to achieve that by taking a rude sentiment and designing it like it was an invitation to a wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. The print is now available from Phone Booth Gallery. Phone Booth Gallery also has a small selection of original works in both gold leaf and black ink available here.

Latest news - New offices, new clients, new personal projects
Posted on: 18-09-2013
It has been an extraordinarily busy time here lately. Lots of changes are afoot and it feels like life is entering a new phase. After two years renting we have finally moved house. The new house is pretty unusual. It is built into the banks of an 11th century Norman castle for a start. So it will be a really unusual place to live and work. I am hoping the castle in the back garden improves my Blackletter calligraphy. I am also in the middle of moving into a new office space while the house is being renovated so please bear with me if you're waiting for a reply to an email or message. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has bought a print, an original artwork or one of my typefaces recently. It is sincerely appreciated. More freedom to pursue personal art and design projects is not something I have ever taken for granted. That said there are some very exciting client projects in progress at the moment as well, some of the biggest I have ever undertaken in fact. I hope to be able to tell you about them soon.

Speaking at OFFF Barcelona in 2014
Posted on: 15-08-2013
I'm extremely pleased to announce I'll be speaking at OFFF in Barcelona in 2014. There is a teaser of featured artists here. Mega Early Bird tickets available here.

Speaking at Semi-Permanent Melbourne & Brisbane
Posted on: 18-07-2013
I feel honoured to have been invited to speak at the Semi-Permanent Melbourne and Semi-Permanent Brisbane creative conferences this coming October, 2013. I'll be charting my career from early student projects to the present day. If you're in Australia in October do consider buying a ticket to either event. Semi-Permanent always manage to assemble a great roster of speakers. More details on their website.

Playdesk presents Seb Lester
Posted on: 26-06-2013
I'm doing a talk in London on 25th July for Playdesk at The Museum of Brands. I'll be charting my career to date from student days to the present. This is the same sold out talk I did at St Bride earlier this year, more or less, with a few changes and additions. I'm doing a new limited edition print which will be launched at the event and all proceeds go to a charity close to my heart, St Peter & St James Hospice in East Sussex. Limited tickets available here.

St Bride Talk & new edition of 'Voice of all the Gods'
Posted on: 22-03-2013
My talk at St Bride in London on 26th March is fast approaching. Being an introvert I have some trepidation but I'm also looking forward to it. A new edition of 'The Voice of all the Gods' print will be available on the night. This colourway is hand finished with 23.5 carat gold leaf. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. You can catch a glimpse of it here. For the St Bride event only this edition will be available at a £20 discount. Any remaining prints will then become available online via the usual channels after the event.