Emer Swift BMX logo project

I was contacted earlier this year about designing the graphics for a new BMX
frame, designed by Emer Bicycles. BMX was a big part of my life for the best
part of ten years, and I still follow the scene, so I was really pleased to help out.


Emer said they wanted a logo that conveyed speed and dynamic energy, as that's
what the bike is all about. It's a very light and fast cruiser with 24" wheels and
modern BMX geometry. The frame is available in either white or black, as below. 


We discussed ideas and it seemed like a strong idea to make the letters out
of the swooping flight path of a Swift with the inline treatment accentuating
movement as well. The lettering style developed is a very modern, cursive,
flourished script.


Emer wanted the logo to look strong and robust, like the frame, so it's got
a solidly constructed feel to it without looking clunky. The logo took shape quickly.
I always start with very loose pen and paper sketches as it's the quickest 
way to get ideas down. Early thumbnail below.


Once roughs were approved I went about drawing the vector outlines.
I'm pleased with the results. Emer are too. So much so they've produced
a small run of tshirts, screen printed with the logo in a metallic
gold ink, which look excellent and are available here.