Sebastian ‘Seb’ Lester trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins.
He now works in Lewes in East Sussex as a designer and artist. His home studio
is built into the banks of one of the oldest castles in England.

He has developed typefaces and type illustrations for some of the world’s
biggest companies, publications and events, including the likes of NASA,
Apple, Nike, Intel, The New York Times, The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
and JD Salinger’s final reissue of The Catcher in the Rye. 

a Senior Type Designer at Monotype for nine years, he has developed
custom typefaces for clients including British Airways, Waitrose,
The Daily Telegraph, H&M and Barclays. His limited edition prints
are becoming increasingly popular and collectible and a new-found
love of calligraphy has pushed his work in exciting new directions.

He has been interviewed by the BBC and The Independent Newspaper
about fonts on movie posters and album covers respectively. His work has
also been featured in The Guardian, The Times, Creative Review
and numerous other publications worldwide.

He is passionate about letterforms.


Clients include: Apple, Nike, Penguin, Cadbury, Liberty, Macy's, Ikea,
AT&T, The New York Times, Business Week, Faber & Faber, Arjo Wiggins,
Field & Stream Magazine, Victoria's Secret, Ministry of Sound,
Maui Longboards, Oprah Winfrey Magazine, AARP, Maxim (USA),
Wired (UK), Entertainment Weekly, Red Bull.